Wine Rooms

If you are looking for something unique yet functional

Urban Cellars can create a focus point that will mesmerize anyone who lays eyes on your wine room

Be it a small and tasteful display in your kitchen, a practical temperature controlled room displaying your favourite blends or a classy cellar for your restaurant, Urban Cellars has a wide range of designs to offer you, as well as various materials to choose from; an assortment of steel, aluminum, glass and different kinds of wood or a combination of sorts will give you an endless array of options and styles to create a cellar that will suit your needs.

Our Peg Cellars consist of horizontal and straight racking systems and we can create any timber designs with bespoke concepts. We can install a cellar in any area of your home or restaurant, so if you need that extra touch of class in your restaurant or the final stylish edge to your newly built home, all you need is a few ideas and Urban Cellars will turn your thoughts into a reality.